Earn more on Allegro

Explore the opportunity to boost your sales on the greatest Polish e-commerce platform. Book a free audit and assess your sales potential on Allegro. Should you be happy with the results, we will introduce you to the platform, manage your sales account, optimise your listings and run effective PPC campaigns. Shall we begin?

Platforma Nethansy

Reach 14 million active shoppers

Allegro is the most popular marketplace in Poland. Local users, both sellers and buyers, highly trust the platform. Nearly 120,000 traders offer a total of more than 400 million products there. Recently, Allegro had been launched in Czechia and Slovakia.

  • Sales audit

    Reducing risk is one of the crucial elements of running a profitable and thoughtful business. Find out with our free audit whether the Poles’ favourite marketplace is for you. Book your free audit now.

  • Competitors analysis

    Learn more about the companies you would face in a race for customers. Our team will perform an in-depth competitive analysis. It will help you determine early, whether you should adapt your strategy to current market situation.

  • Keywords analysis

    We will analyse search volumes of the most relevant key phrases in your categories. In addition, we will check keywords on which your direct competitors are positioning themselves. As a result, you will get insights leading to a better start on Allegro.

Are you ready to succeed on Allegro?

Book a free audit to explore the opportunities of growing your business on Allegro.

  • Account management

    Don’t you have an Allegro account? Don’t worry! We will set it up and configure it for you. Then, we will provide the level of service necessary to maintain the most relevant statistics at the required level. The result? Better exposure of your offer!

  • Uploading and optimising offers

    Importing your offer on the marketplace can be time-consuming. We will take care of that for you. Has your listings already been uploaded? There certainly is a room for optimisation. We will check and update all listings to make them more attractive to customers.

  • Monthly report

    Do you need specific figures, tables or charts? We understand this perfectly! Therefore, we will prepare a series of reports for you. They would allow you to continuously assess and analyse the effectiveness of our actions related to your presence on Allegro.

  • Sponsored Offers

    We will plan and run a campaign for you using Sponsored Offers. Everyone likes to know what they are paying for. Luckily, the rules of this promotion type are extremely simple. Whenever someone clicks on your ad, you pay. In agreement with you, we set a daily budget and a maximum rate per click.

  • Display Self-Service Ads

    This type of advertising is helpful for sellers who want to increase their brand recognition on Allegro. We will prepare a creative for a product, brand, shop or group of offers. We will then ensure that it is displayed on the Allegro homepage, attracting the attention of buyers.

  • Additional forms of promotion

    Deal zone (Strefa okazji), Coins (Monety), highlighted offers – Allegro offers sellers a broad range of additional forms of promoting their offers. Do you want customers to find your product instantly? We will use the tools available to make it easier for them.