Magic spell for prosperity? Dynamic pricing!

Achieve the maximum profit possible without compromising being competitive. Nethansa Platform constantly compares product prices and ranks you among your competitors. Then, it calculates and changes your set price for the one that gives you the most profit. This is the beauty of dynamic pricing.

Due to Nethansa Platform’s dynamic pricing, our customers have recorded over €4.5 million of additional profit. Join them and start earning more.

Platforma Nethansy

Maximum profit from each transaction

Sell products at the price that currently gives you the highest possible profit in a selected market. In addition, gain the assurance that you will never sell below a set cost. How is this possible?

Nethansa Platform calculates gross prices for the goods you offer, taking set costs into account, i.e. purchase price, delivery costs, commissions, reserve for product returns, and VAT rates. Then, compares these with the competition and applies a maximum markup whenever possible.

Competitive price at all times

Increase your Buy Box chances by always setting competitive prices. Sell goods cheaper than your competitors whenever possible. How to do that?

Nethansa Platform continuously analyses market conditions, the number of competitors’ offers, their prices, as well as other issues affecting the popularity of a specific product. The result is a calculation of the optimum price that will ensure a high level of competitiveness in each market.

See what Nethansa Platform is capable of

Book a free software demo and see that earning on Amazon and could be easier than you think.

Up-to-date exchange rates and VAT rate calculations

Include the current exchange rate and VAT rate specific to a selected market or an individual product while setting your prices. How to take care of this with so many items in your portfolio?

Nethansa Platform uses the exchange rates of the National Bank of Poland and the European Central Bank to update prices on a daily basis. It also includes the VAT rates you define for individual products and European markets and automatically adds them to the final price.

Easy product price management

Take control of the price settings for your products. Automatically set price components for thousands of products on Amazon’s European marketplaces and How does this happen?

Nethansa Platform assigns default cost and expected profit values to newly added products on selected marketplaces. You can adjust the listing price parameters individually or collectively at any given time.

See what Nethansa Platform is capable of

Book a free software demo and see that earning on Amazon and could be easier than you think.