Get ready to expand to Southeast Europe

Want to incorporate thriving, but less obvious foreign expansion destinations into your growth strategy? Take advantage of eMAG’s strong position and start earning more in foreign markets. We’ll prepare you for successful sales: register and manage a sales account, add and optimize offers, and launch promotional campaigns.

Platforma Nethansy

Most trusted by local consumers

eMAG has been growing for over 20 years, and gained trust of over 9 million users from Southeast Europe. Currently, there are more than 40,000 active sellers whose products are available in the Romanian, Bulgarian, and Hungarian markets. eMAG’s estimated brand value exceeds €3 000 000.

  • Registration and account management

    We will set up and configure your sales account on eMAG correctly. Then, we will manage it in accordance with marketplace best practices. As a result, you will maintain the necessary account metrics at the required level and keep sales continuity.

  • Uploading and optimising listings

    We will fully upload your offer on eMAG. After creating listings, we will focus on optimising them. Such approach guarantees increased click through rates (CTR) and conversion rates (CR), and results in greater sales volume.

  • Customer service

    Do you want your customers to be served perfectly? We will provide the highest level of customer service. Moreover, our scope of work includes taking care of the orders and selecting the right solutions and logistic partners. As a result, you can efficiently send your orders in bulk.

Are you ready to succeed on eMAG?

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  • Product selection and budget planning

    You must top up your account balance before launching an eMAG Ads campaign, choosing from the amount between 50 and 50,000 lei. We assist you by selecting products with the greatest potential and determining the suggested budget.

  • Campaign launch

    To prepare an effective campaign, we use all the tools available in the eMAG Ads panel. Firstly, we create attractive product descriptions and then run the ads according to the preconceived ideas.

  • Campaign evaluation

    We never stop monitoring campaign performance. As a result, we can react and optimise ads according to current trends and results. Therefore, you can continuously evaluate and analyse the effectiveness of our advertising activities on eMAG.