We’ll introduce your brand to European markets!

Do you produce goods that generate sales in your home country?
Are you looking to expand into new markets?
Start selling on the biggest marketplaces – Amazon and Kaufland.de!

  • We list your products on Amazon and Kaufland.de

    By introducing your products to the markets of your choice, we help you drive additional sales and generate profits. We’re happy to create your seller account and take care of all the formalities such as enrolling your brand’s trademark in Amazon Brand Registry or Verpackungsregister LUCID.

  • We create unique listings

    Optimised listings, created with A+ content and Amazon Storefront, ensure that your brand gets maximum exposure on Amazon. We see to it that your product descriptions both sound natural and include the top searched for keywords. Rich and tailored content is the key to maximising conversions.

  • We prepare effective ad campaigns

    Our marketing campaigns provide a high return on investment, as we aim to keep the Advertising Cost of Sales ratio at 10–20%. We choose which kind of campaign to launch depending on the type of business, products and chosen markets. Maximising conversions will increase your brand recognition and, in turn, bring in regular customers eager to come back and buy your items.

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  • We choose a strategy to meet your needs

    We ensure that your products make it to the top of the sales rank charts in their respective categories. We devise a strategy that’s set to meet the requirements imposed by you and your business, as well as to guarantee long-term growth.

  • We deliver prompt customer service

    We respond to all customer queries well within 24 hours. Don’t make your customers wait as this can lead to lower reviews ratings. 

  • We provide full onboarding

    You can count on us to walk you step by step through the world of the marketplaces we manage – Amazon and Kaufland.de. Our team of experts ensures that the whole onboarding process goes as smoothly as possible.

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Our customers keep succeeding in marketplaces and appreciate Nethansa’s support!

Imagine the ideal business partner. One that easily solves problems instead of creating them, performs all tasks immediately, has incredibly broad industry knowledge, is available at any time and for whom the word impossible does not exist. Yes. Meet Nethansa company with its innovative Nethansa Platform. We wish our successful cooperation will last for many more years to come.

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