How to efficiently manage products? Choose automation.

Start managing thousands of products you offer on Amazon and in an automated and efficient manner. Nethansa Platform allows you to bulk edit the goods you sell: starting from adding multiple listings on European marketplaces, to changing price parameters, and ending up updating stock levels.

Running efficient sales is also supported by automatic, personalised reports and crystal-clear messages, statuses, and alerts.

Platforma Nethansy

Intuitive management of thousands of products

Adjust product parameters at any given time in selected marketplaces. Save time managing your products with bulk editing and automatic updates. How does it work?

Updating product data via Excel import allows you to manage product parameters in bulk, i.e. purchase costs, categories, available stock, product names, or days left to ship.

Simple listing adding in FBA and FBM

Sell in the FBA or FBM model without wasting unnecessary time uploading Excel files to Amazon. List products individually or in bulk for sale on selected marketplaces. How do you do it?

Nethansa Platform allows you to add FBA listings for sale making it possible to choose a common or individual SKU number. Once an item is listed on any selected marketplace, the system will permanently link the created listings to the product on Amazon.

See what Nethansa Platform is capable of

Book a free software demo and see that earning on Amazon and could be easier than you think.

Automatic linking of products to listings

Link your products to listings on marketplaces using the GTIN and put them up for sale in bulk. Now you will easily verify whether the products you offer are already on sale in the respective marketplaces. How does it happen?

Upload products to Nethansa Platform from your ERP software or import them from an Excel file. Next, our platform will search for these listings on the active Amazon’s European marketplaces and based on their GTIN numbers. You can collectively put found goods up for sale in chosen countries.

Total control over all your orders

Take full control of your orders across all Amazon’s European marketplaces and Manage your logistics processes from one place. How to achieve it?

You will find every transaction in the “Orders” section. Due to the clear statuses, you can easily view orders that are awaiting payment, are ready for processing, or have already been completed. Nethansa Platform also retrieves the final shipping date and informs you when parcels need to be posted.

See what Nethansa Platform is capable of

Book a free software demo and see that earning on Amazon and could be easier than you think.