Increase profits in major European markets!

Managing thousands of product prices, forecasting sales and keeping track of competitors’ prices in real time
– that’s only a preview of what our platform has to offer.
If product portfolio includes thousands of products you’ve come to the right place. 

  • We deliver prompt customer service

    When it comes to Amazon buyers, time-sensitive customer service is the key to success. We respond to your customers’ questions well within 24 hours to make sure it doesn’t negatively impact your Customer Response Time metric.

  • We maintain your Account Health

    Our team works very hard to keep the metrics of your seller account (or the so-called Account Health) as high as possible. We quickly react to any disputes between sellers and customers (ODR), negative reviews, complaints, and potential chargebacks.

  • We work to keep your Amazon account working

    The Nethansa team makes every effort to ensure that your seller account doesn’t get blocked. However, if it does happen, we’ll prepare recovery plans and start negotiations with Amazon – we’ll do everything in our power to restore your sales as soon as possible.

Nethansa managed services
  • We choose products with the greatest sales potential

    Through sales analysis, we’re able to find out which products are most likely to succeed in the European markets. Nethansa Platform helps you determine where you can expect the greatest sales potential for your product range.

  • We maximise your profits

    You’ve got thousands of listings? No problem! Nethansa Platform helps you manage prices and orders in real time. Set the best possible selling prices, tailored to the market of your choice, by simply specifying your costs and expected earnings.

  • We integrate with your systems

    Keep your command centre in one place despite using different systems. Nethansa Platform allows for seamless integrations with the most popular tools, such as Baselinker. You will also easily implement FTP and REST API integrations to enable pairing with any system.

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What our customers say about us

Imagine the ideal business partner. One that easily solves problems instead of creating them, performs all tasks immediately, has incredibly broad industry knowledge, is available at any time and for whom the word impossible does not exist. Yes. Meet Nethansa company with its innovative Nethansa Platform. We wish our successful cooperation will last for many more years to come!

The Nethansa team helped us see and reach our full sales potential, allowing for even bigger international expansion. Together, we have successfully entered five more European markets that generate a high turnover. Nethansa takes care of customer service and ensures customer satisfaction. Thus, our position in the eyes of Amazon algorithms is much higher. We are extremely pleased with the cooperation so far, and we hope to work on further development plans together. We’re well aware of the local competition and we know that thanks to Nethansa, we will achieve our business goals.

We particularly value Nethansa’s team for their professionalism, commitment, and friendly relations. Nethansa Platform is extremely intuitive and perfectly scales sales in foreign markets. Nethansa is undoubtedly a company worth recommending!

We wanted to enter Amazon with brand new products that – at the time – were still unavailable in this marketplace. The Nethansa team helped us open a seller account, create new listings, run campaigns related to brand awareness and choose the sales and logistics model. Thanks to this, we achieved extraordinary results within just a few months. Nethansa was the best choice! 

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