PPC campaigns for marketplaces

Are you trying to increase product visibility and conversion, as well as customer trust in your brand? Choose PPC advertising! We’ll run effective campaigns to help you earn more on marketplaces in Europe.

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  • Amazon Sponsored Products

    A type of advertising for resellers and manufacturers applying to standard listings. Amazon Sponsored Products are advertisements billed on a PPC (pay per click) model. They display on the first page of search results and can bring an instant increase in listing visibility.

  • Amazon Sponsored Brands

    Ads for manufacturers displayed on the search results page. They allow you to personalise your listing with brand logos, custom headlines, and exposure to up to three selected products. To use them you must have a registered trademark with Amazon Brand Registry.

  • Amazon Sponsored Display

    Type of ads displayed not only on Amazon. For resellers and manufacturers with a registered trademark in the Amazon Brand Registry. The creation is automatically generated and Amazon targets it based on the user’s shopping preferences and behaviour.

Choose our PPC campaigns and start earning more

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  • Allegro Sponsored Offers

    When using Sponsored Offers, you only pay for the effect – a click on your ad. Rates start from as little as PLN 0.10 per click, and you determine what your investment cost will be by specifying a daily budget and a maximum rate per click.

  • Allegro Graphic Ads

    Especially for sellers who want to increase their brand recognition on Allegro. It creates an opportunity to display your advertisement on the Allegro homepage and, among others, above the list of search results. Advertise a product, a brand, a shop, or a group of offers – the choice is yours!

  • Kaufland Sponsored Products

    Sponsored Product Ads is an advertising tool that increases the visibility of your products. Ads are displayed in a way that is highly visible to the customer on category and search results pages. Customer is already in the buying process, which can make the placement particularly effective.