Kaufland Global Marketplace

Boost your sales with with Kaufland Global Marketplace

Make the most of German e-commerce on a platform entrusted by local consumers. We will prepare you for successful sales by registering and managing your sales account, adding and optimising your offers and launching promotional campaigns.

Platforma Nethansy

Millions of visitors are waiting for your products

Kaufland Global Marketplace is a sales platform with dynamic growth, particularly in Germany. It has 32 million visits per month. The marketplace is currently active in Germany, Czechia and Slovakia.

  • Registration and account management

    Don’t have an account on Kaufland Global Marketplace yet? Don’t worry! We’ll set it up and configure it for you. Then, we will provide the level of service necessary to maintain the most relevant statistics at the required level. The result? Better exposure of your offer!

  • Adding and optimising offers

    We will add your offer to the Kaufland Global Marketplace. We will create and then optimise your product listings in line with best practices specific to this marketplace.

  • Customer service

    We will ensure the highest level of customer service. We will also take care of the orders and select the right solutions and logistic partners. This way, we will enable you to send your orders in bulk.

Are you ready to succeed on Kaufland Global Marketplace?

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  • Kaufland Sponsored Products

    We will implement campaigns based on Sponsored Offers. That is a convenient form of promotion in which you pay whenever someone clicks on your ad. We set mutually agreed daily budget and a maximum cost per click.

  • Greater exposure

    Are you looking for solutions to attract customers to your product listings? Then PPC campaigns on Kaufland Global Marketplace are for you !
    We will evaluate the advertising potential of your offer and then prepare attractive creations.

  • Higher conversion rates

    The ultimate goal of advertising is persuading the customer to make a purchase. That’s why we focus on careful selection of key phrases in the campaigns we run. As a result, your offer reaches buyers more effectively.