Partnership Programme 


Join the elite group of Nethansa’s Partners and let us help with growing your business!

Who can join? 

The Partnership is aimed both at companies offering complementary solutions in the e-commerce sector and at those who wish to broaden the scope of their activities by selling additional services on marketplaces. 

Why Nethansa? 

Nethansa is a dynamically developing technological company, offering a proprietary marketplace platform and support for customer service on Amazon and This combination of technology and exceptional customer support allows businesses to enter European markets and maximise profits. 

How does it work? 

By joining Nethansa’s Partnership Programme, you enter into a long-term cooperation with us. Within its framework, we focus on undertaking mutually profitable activities that allow you to benefit from our attractive commission set up.

Get in touch to find out more 

Reach us via email or telephone, and we’ll be happy to discuss partnership opportunities.   

Join Nethansa’s Partnership Programme!