Boost sales value with Nethansa Platform

Nethansa Platform is an advanced system for dynamic pricing on marketplaces for sellers with an active seller account on Amazon or

In the e-commerce industry, using an effective repricer becomes a necessity, not an option. Make sure you have a pole position in the race for Buy Box and stay ahead of the competition with automated management of thousands of prices.

Platforma Nethansy
  • Gain maximum profit on each transaction

    Earn as much as possible on each transaction. After setting your costs and expected profit, let Nethansa Platform continually adjusts prices to match your competitors’ actions to maximise the profit from each sale.

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  • Automatically manage thousands of orders

    Reduce time-consuming processes and automatically manage sales in European markets. With the Nethansa Platform, you will add your products to selected markets and update data and costs in no time.

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  • Integrate easily with other systems

    Run your business from one place. With the Nethansa Platform, you can easily integrate the most popular tools used in e-commerce, including Baselinker. With the Nethansa Platform’s REST API and FTP integration, you’ll integrate your system for multi-channel service.

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