Marketplace sales forecasting

Which products are worth ordering? And which ones will bring you the most profit? Learn more about sales forecasting for Amazon and on Nethansa Platform. Make data-based decisions!

Platforma Nethansy

Forecast sales up to 30 days ahead

Effortlessly forecast next month’s sales – Nethansa Platform predicts future orders based on the analyses of your actual sales results, as well as historical sales data. The analyses can be performed in any time frame, and even before you purchase stock and start selling your products, which helps you make the right business decisions. 

Create sales reports and calculate potential profit

Nethansa Platform prepares sales reports and forecasts so that you can calculate the potential profit up to 30 days ahead. Optimise your orders and maximise your sales with the help of actual data!

Monitor key sales parameters in a dedicated panel

We’ll help you come up with an effective purchasing and pricing policy. Nethansa Platform gathers all of the most important sales parameters in one place – you’ll find them in a dedicated panel where they’re presented in the form of an interactive chart.

Learn about Nethansa Platform’s most important features

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