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Amazon in Europe – key statistics

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The marketplace founded by Jeff Bezos is the first and often the only website most Americans have to visit before purchasing a product. Unsurprisingly, Amazon in the US achieves extraordinary results. You might wonder if Amazon in Europe is equally strong and recognisable as its overseas counterpart.

In this article, you will find a handful of stats about Amazon in Europe. What are the European largest Amazon markets and how much sales do they generate? What are the most popular categories and are the customers get used to giving feedback after making a purchase? Find out and use this knowledge to expand your business on Amazon.

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1. Amazon is available in eight European countries and it represents 24% of Amazon sellers globally

Amazon is present in eight European countries. Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and Poland make up Amazon’s European marketplace. The number of the sellers combined represents 24% of global Amazon sellers.

European markets, due to EU regulations are often considered one environment. Behind that rationale hides the secret to leveraging Amazon for the international expansion of European businesses. To achieve the best results from selling on Amazon, you should offer your products in every market available!

Amazon is present in eight European countries.

2. Amazon has over 70 fulfilment centres across Europe

Merchants offering their products on Amazon in Europe can exploit benefits aligned with operating in the FBA model. This means putting the responsibility for the shipment and other logistics-related issues on Amazon. The e-commerce giant offers over 70 fulfilment centres located across Europe.

You can decide on using the FBA model and exploit those fulfilment centres to easily pack, send and deliver both your packages and returns from customers. However, you should bear in mind that with the convenience of having your logistics secured by a third party comes a certain set of rules to follow.

There is 70 Amazon fulfilment centres in Europe

3. In 2021, the number of Amazon’s permanent employees in Europe was 200 000

To ensure the high quality of its services, Amazon ended 2021 with a massive number of 200 000 permanent employees. In addition, over 900 000 independent sellers, authors, content creators, delivery providers, developers and IT solution providers contributed across Europe.

Such numbers are often quoted in Amazon’s promotional materials. Unsurprisingly, it places the company among the European biggest job providers. To picture the scale, Amazon in Europe has more employees than two of the top five European car manufacturers combined.

Amazon in Europe creates direct and indirect job opportunities

4. Amazon’s biggest European market in 2021 was Germany with nearly €31.6 billion in net sales, followed by the UK with €27.9 billion

German and the UK markets are not only the oldest European Amazon marketplaces but also the most lucrative ones in terms of net sales. topped the rank for the most profitable marketplace in Europe in 2021 with €31.6 billion in net sales and was followed by, which scored €27.9 billion.

Germany had nearly €31.6 billion in net sales and the UK had €27.9.

5. European small and medium businesses sold more than 1.8 billion products on Amazon

The number of products sold by the European SMEs went up from 1.3 billion year over year. On average, such companies sell more than 3 400 products every minute. Is there any better incentive for the sellers to start selling on Amazon?

European SME sell over 3400 products every minute on Amazon in Europe

6. Around 185 000 SMEs sell on Amazon in Europe, and over 50% of them sold their products to customers around the world

Approximately 185 000 SMEs are offering their products on Amazon. Over half of them successfully delivered their products to customers around the world. If you have ever doubted the validity of scaling sales through Amazon, that statistic should clarify that concern. Amazon provides the perfect environment for international expansion.

Around 185 000 SMEs sell on Amazon in Europe

7. The top five categories for European SMEs selling on Amazon are Home, Health and Personal Care, Apparel, Toys, and Sports and Outdoors

The most commonly sold products among European SMEs come from the following categories: Home, Health and Personal Care, Apparel, Toys, and Sports and Outdoors. Undoubtedly, those products are highly sought after. However, it does not have to mean that there is no space for your offer.

On the contrary, it might create a great opportunity for you, while beginning your adventure with Amazon. Offering quality products from the above-mentioned categories would probably guarantee satisfying profits due to the high demand.

Top categories for SMEs selling on Amazon in Europe are Home, Health and Personal Care, Apparel, Toys, and Sports and Outdoors.

8. Germany and the UK amassed over 3 million seller feedback reviews, and around 4% of them were negative

The feedback culture has its reflection in the e-commerce world. Customers are not only willing to share their positive experiences about the purchase but also, they are keen to criticise when something goes wrong.

Combining that piece of information with the knowledge of Amazon’s approach toward perfect customer service could lead you to an important conclusion. You have to be ready to please the customer or pay the price that comes with receiving negative reviews.

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