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How to increase turnover on Amazon by 350% in 4 months?

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increase turnover on Amazon

Brand owners who want to increase turnover on Amazon could use a various tools. To succeed, it is important to correctly implement as many of them as possible. That’s because Amazon promotes sellers who use the entire spectrum of available solutions: from the FBA model to premium content to PPC campaigns. Find out what results you can expect when skillfully building your product portfolio on Amazon.

Customer profile

Dakoma, the owner of the Coccine brand, are Polish leather care experts operating since 1996. They manufacture leather cleaning and care polishes. They also produce insoles for everyday shoes and preventive insoles. Moreover, they specialise in leather and wood care.

The company focuses mainly on stationary sales but recognises the ever-growing potential of e-commerce. This is why it also offers its products via e-store and Allegro. Keen to expand into new markets, Dakoma has decided to take advantage of the opportunities offered by international sales on Amazon.

increase turnover on Amazon

“Due to commitment and cooperation, in a short time, we have achieved goals that have exceeded our original expectations. Communication with the account manager and support team is always at the highest level. We hope to transfer the success earned on to further European markets in Italy, France, and the Netherlands.”

Jacek Rokicki, Dakoma’s Key Account Manager

increase turnover on Amazon

Customer’s expectations

Dakoma’s main goal was to increase turnover on Amazon. The desired route to achieve that was international expansion into foreign markets. We started our activities on the most established European marketplace,, and then, after success, tried scaling the sales up in the other available countries.

Dakoma has set the ambitious goal for the Nethansa team to quickly increase the generated turnover. However, achieving success on Amazon requires both time and a holistic approach to sales. Therefore, the solution consisted of 3 stages: introducing FBA, creating attractive listings enriched with A+ Content, and supporting sales with PPC campaigns.

Dakoma’s overseas sales challenges

❗ Introducing hazardous materials to Amazon FBA

❗ Creating and optimising listings for the entire offer

❗ Launching PPC campaigns to increase growth rate

Our solutions

💡 Communicating with Amazon to arrange the introduction of the FBA model

Most of the products offered by Dakoma are considered hazardous materials under EU regulations. As such, marketing them on the Amazon FBA model is not a straightforward task. To overcome this barrier, the Nethansa team had to complete numerous formalities and was constantly in contact with Amazon. As a result, we worked out a solution that allowed storage and shipping from Amazon’s warehouses.

increase turnover on Amazon

💡 Creating a Brand Store and A+ Content

On Amazon, it’s crucial to present products attractively. It is especially true for brand owners. Surely, using A+ Content and Brand Store is a good way to make a listing stand out. Content enriched in this way statistically records an increase in sales of 10% and 25% respectively. This is why making the content more attractive was a starting point in the work to increase Dakoma’s profits on Amazon.

Our team designed an impeccable Brand Store with intuitive product categorisation. What is more, we optimised the listings using relevant keywords, infographics, and attractive product and lifestyle images.

increase turnover on Amazon

💡 Running effective PPC campaigns

After finishing listing optimisation, our team could have focused on launching paid advertising activities. The PPC campaigns that were prepared quickly began to produce satisfactory results. Already in the first month, the revenue generated from paid activities was more than four times the amount invested. The promoted listings registered nearly 7,000 clicks and the ACOS rate was less than 25%.

Current results of the cooperation:

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original sales objective fulfilment progress

0 %

increase in turnover on Amazon in last 4 months

0 x

year-on-year growth in turnover on Amazonzrost obrotów na Amazon rok do roku

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number of clicks in the first month of PPC campaign

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number of European markets covered

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