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How to increase sales by over 50%? Polish clothing reseller success story.

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Due to the Amazon’s sales policies, at times it can be challenging for sellers to achieve success with seasonal products. Luckily, it is not impossible while having experts’ support. The three ingredients are necessary to achieve high sales: knowledge and resources, as well as a reliable technology. Looking for these factors, Butomania decided to use the services of Nethansa. Find out the story behind this clothing reseller success.

Customer profile

Butomania is a Polish company run by sports and active lifestyle aficionados. Its offer consists of a wide selection of branded sports footwear. What is more, customers can also count on experts’ assistance in choosing the right product adjusted to their specific needs.


“We were looking for a marketplace agency that could deal with all aspects of successful trading on Amazon and It turned out, we hit the bullseye when decided to work with Nethansa. Their support in maintaining the continuity of our sales and buyer service is outstanding. In addition to quality service, we received a sales automation platform, which allows us to earn more on the same products.

Tomasz Mazur, Butomania’s owner

clothing reseller success on Amazon

Butomania’s overseas sales challenges:

❗Account blocking and customer enquiries on Amazon

❗Seasonality of products offered

❗Customer service and product returns

Our solutions: 

💡 Communication with Amazon 

It’s not uncommon for Amazon to temporarily block a seller from offering certain brands. For Butomania, it was not limited to selected products, but to the entire German market. Nethansa’s dedicated Customer Account Manager was in contact with Amazon representatives to have the problem solved as quickly as possible, which in turn would lead to resuming sales.

The expertise of our team allowed us to prepare and implement a recovery plan. Fortunately for the client, the process ended up with a quick success. Both the German market and all the most valuable brands were unlocked from then.

clothing reseller success on Amazon

💡 Additional profit from the Nethansa Platform

The implementation of the Nethansa Platform had a great impact on Butomania’s performance. The comfort of their work has increased, with the ability to prepare offers and manage products globally using one software. 

In addition, the dynamic repricing of the Nethansa Platform led to increasing profit of 54% for the customer. Such a statistic is extremely important for any retailer. From our perspective, achieving this result is even more important having in mind the seasonality of the client’s offer.

clothing reseller success on Amazon

💡 Spot-on customer service

The most important part of Butomania’s offer is footwear and clothing. As it’s typical with such category, there is a high percentage of returns. The Nethansa team dedicates an average of 30 hours per month to handling buyers, returns and customer enquiries. Our determination and drive to provide quality service is fundamental in maintaining Account Health Metrics at the highest rate.

Our experts continuously monitor vital Amazon account statistics. First and foremost, it is about increasing the chances of getting into the Bux Box. The likelihood of this happening has increased with the introduction of the customer to the FBA sales and logistics model.

Current results of the cooperation:

0  %

additional profit generated by the Nethansa Platform


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