Maximise your sales with the help of AI!

Thanks to Nethansa Platform, our clients have enjoyed profit increases of nearly €4.5 million.

Nethansa Platform is an advanced tool that helps boost sales on Amazon and It sets product prices, forecasts the turnover, manages listings and orders, and – most importantly – helps you win the buy box. With the right tools, selling on marketplaces is easier than you think.

One platform – many possibilities. Get to know them all.

Platforma Nethansy

Manage prices and elevate profits

The buy box highlights the best listing according to Amazon and is responsible for 82% of all sales. This is your key to success. Nethansa Platform keeps your pricing competitive and that, in turn, helps you win the Buy Box. Our advanced tool:

  • calculates the best prices for your products (repricing);
  • actively monitors your competitors’ prices and shows how you rank amongst other sellers;
  • helps you manage thousands of prices, based on your costs and the expected profit markup.

And that’s just the beginning!

Stand out from your competitors.

Forecast sales and never run out of stock

Nethansa Platform tells you what products to order and when to do it. We base our suggestions on the analysis of actual Amazon product sales data. Our platform:

  • forecasts turnover and profits up to 30 days ahead,
  • evaluates sales results,
  • visualises the most important parameters.

Make the right data-based decisions.

Manage orders effortlessly

Logistics and sales management are the foundations of your store. Our platform gives you active control over stock levels and allows for order tracking from the user panel.

Nethansa Platform:

  • integrates with the major courier services,
  • makes GDPR data processing easy,
  • lets you filter orders according to your own criteria.

Don’t lose sleep over product orders and returns.

Automation and integration

Nethansa Platform is intuitive and flexible. We adjust to your tools, including stock management systems and ERP. Our platform:

  • lets you manage and update listing and product information all at once;
  • integrates with most of the known ERP systems and online stores, as well as with Amazon API and;
  • cooperates with the most notable courier services: DPD, DHL, UPS, EuroHermes and GLS.

Opt for convenient solutions.

Track sales and draw conclusions

By analysing product sales on Amazon, you’ll learn which items generate the most profit. Nethansa Platform will help you select markets with the highest growth potential. 

Reach global success

Customers’ opinions

Imagine the ideal business partner. One that easily solves problems instead of creating them, performs all tasks immediately, has incredibly broad industry knowledge, is available at any time and for whom the word impossible does not exist. Yes. Meet Nethansa company with its innovative Nethansa Platform. We wish our successful cooperation will last for many more years to come.

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