We boost your profits

Nethansa Platform will increase your profits from Amazon and Kaufland.de. Manage thousands of product prices and monitor your competitors’ moves with the use of our AI-driven tool. By automating your processes, we help you win the buy box, and save you time and resources.

Platforma Nethansy

Maximise your profits with our repricing function

Our advanced repricing function constantly compares your product prices to other listings and shows how you rank amongst your competitors. Only after this initial analysis does the repricing function recommend a sale price that will bring you the highest profit possible. It also gives you a chance to win access to the buy box which accounts for 82% of all Amazon sales and is the key to boosting your sales. A few cents have never made such a difference!

Manage thousands of listings at once

Nethansa Platform manages thousands of product prices, saving you time and significantly increasing your profits. You don’t have to worry any more about losing money on some of your products. There are three “safety nets” that won’t let that happen: minimum, standard, and maximum markups. They ensure that Nethansa Platform won’t sell your products at a lower price than the one you’ve set and if the market conditions allow it, our platform will raise your prices automatically.

Lead the European Amazon markets and Kaufland.de

Our platform allows you to scale your business quickly and easily. Manage prices on Amazon’s 8 European markets and on Kaufland.de. Make manual price setting a thing of the past – our automated platform will do everything for you, basing the whole process on actual data concerning a given product, listing, and market.

Set and forget your VAT rates

Different VAT rates in different markets can cause a lot of confusion, but you can spare yourself the trouble thanks to Nethansa Platform. Our advanced tool automatically manages VAT rates for each order to save you time and avoid mistakes.

React to the fluctuating exchange rate

Nethansa Platform automatically updates exchange rates and converts product prices into relevant foreign currencies. We make sure that our data is always up-to-date, and use the European Central Bank and National Bank of Poland as our sources to verify exchange rates.

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