A brief guide to selling on Kaufland.de

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Kaufland.de is a marketplace, which operates mainly in Germany so far. However, its skyrocketing potential and confirmed expansion plans into other European markets such as the Czech Republic and Romania place the marketplace in the spotlight of e-commerce. In this article, you will find key information about the platform and get to know why selling on Kaufland.de is more and more tempting.

Kaufland.de is a German marketplace, as previously noted. It’s part of the Schwarz Group, which is one of the world’s top retail conglomerates. The marketplace was formerly known as Real.de and was relaunched in mid-April 2021.

Growth of Kaufland.de

Kaufland.de is a rapidly expanding sales platform. Its gross merchandise value (GMV) has soared, increasing by 92 percent on average over the last five years. To get a sense of the magnitude, consider that German e-commerce grew by only 13% during the same time period. The disparity is significant, implying that Kaufland.de is growing at a rate seven times faster than the domestic business as a whole.

💡 Did you know?

Kaufland.de works on the basis of a buy box. In other words, the most advantageous offer is displayed in the specially designated, standing out area on a product page. Price, delivery cost, and shipping time are all considered during the selection process. Despite the fact that price is the most significant variable, the cheapest price does not always qualify a product for the buy box.

Requirements for sellers

Any business interested in selling on Kaufland.de may do so, as it is not exclusive platform. The only requirement for sellers is to meet a few simple standards. However, keep in mind that the marketplace is only available in Germany now, but the expansion plans are firmly underway. The following is a list of requirements for sellers:

  • being a registered business seller,pursuing a trade,
  • providing customer service communication in German,
  • supplying product content in German,
  • being able to ship products to Germany and handle returns,
  • offering products with an official EAN code (GTIN),
  • being registered through VAT OSS or VAT in Germany.
Selling on Kaufland.de

Registration procedure

After deciding on Kaufland.de and confirming that you match the platform’s seller standards, you can begin selling on the site. Prior to that, Kaufland.de has to approve you as a seller and confirm you meet the requirements. Learn more about the registration procedure.

First, visit www.kaufland.de/becomeaseller to register as a seller. You will be asked to provide specific documents throughout the registration process, such as a company representative’s ID card, a business registration details, and proof of beneficial ownership. Depending on your business category, you might need to provide additional information.

Kaufland.de must authenticate your seller account before you may become a fully functional seller. If you correctly filled out the registration form, the procedure should run smoothly and take between one and three business days.

The monthly fees and commission from successful sales are used to calculate the overall cost of selling on Kaufland.de. The standard charge is €39.95 and includes features like unlimited product listings, varied marketing, and personal support. You can also link your online store to your Kaufland.de seller account for an extra €10 per month.

Kaufland.de is fully supported by the Nethansa Platform. Try it out for 14 days without paying a single penny.

Selling on Kaufland.de

On the other hand, some charges are associated with commissions. Depending on the products you sell, the numbers range from 7 to 12.5 percent. However, it will only be payable if the sales are successful. It means you won’t be charged for any cancellations or refunds. It’s also worth noting that you have the option to cancel your subscription at any time.

Selling on Kaufland.de – summary

Despite the fact that Kaufland.de is currently exclusively focused on the German market, vendors from all over the world can sell their goods there. It opens up a number of business prospects for entrepreneurs from all neighbouring countries. However, in order to compete, international vendors must make an extra effort to keep shipping times and costs reasonable.

According to RetailX’s Germany 2020: Ecommerce Country Report 85% of all Germans shopped online in 2020, which is nearly 69 million. Such number in combination with Kaufland’s brand awareness and confirmed development initiatives, presents truly enticing business opportunities for sellers from across Europe. Don’t miss the opportunity. Contact us and start selling on Kaufland.de successfully.

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