Behind the scenes of scaling up sales of Desportivo on 7 European markets on Amazon

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Jak Desportivo zwiększyło sprzedaż na 7 europejskich rynkach Amazon? Case study współpracy z Nethansą

Scaling up sales on Amazon is a common goal for many Amazon sellers who get in touch with us. After achieving an established position on the domestic market, they start thinking about international expansion. However, sometimes they are already selling abroad but would like to do it more effectively. This was exactly what happened in the Desportivo case. Find out what actions we took to help scale up their sales?

Customer profile

Desportivo offers branded footwear and sportswear in its online stores. For over a decade, the company has been providing its customers with easy access to original products at competitive prices. Desportivo’s product offer includes brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Reebok to name a few. The company operates in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia.

Scaling up sales of Desportivo on 7 European markets.

Customer perspective

“The Nethansa team helped us spot and successfully exploit the space for further international expansion. Together, we have entered five more European markets where we generate high turnover. Nethansa is responsible for providing customer service and keeping Amazon’s customers satisfied. Being aware of the local competition, we can be sure that with Nethansa’s support we will achieve the desired results. We look forward to jointly implementing our further development plans.”

Łukasz Szeląg, CEO Desportivo

Challenges in scaling Desportivo’s sales

Before partnering with Nethansa, Desportivo was selling successfully on and However, it quickly became apparent that selling just in these two markets wouldn’t deliver against the company’s objectives. Expanding sales to other markets was crucial.

Consequently, the advice given by the Nethansa Team was for Desportivo to try conquering even more European markets. The process of informed scaling of sales requires specific tools and services working together. Yet, the knowledge of what to do and the execution of it are two different matters. This is where Nethansa played a crucial role.

The biggest challenge for Nethansa was to create a sustainable expansion strategy and to select markets with the highest profit potential, as well as start sales activity there. The end goal of these activities was to increase sales on Amazon in European markets.

Nethansa’s recipe for scaling up sales on Amazon

For a reseller such as Desportivo, success involves constantly winning the competitive battle for the Buy Box. To make our client a legitimate candidate for that premium position, we proposed a comprehensive action plan where the implementation of the Nethansa Platform in combination with our dedicated services formed the key pillars.

Our joint efforts led to a rapid improvement in the most relevant Account Health Metrics, including Order Defect Rate. As a result, Desportivo has established a favourable position in the UK and Germany – two biggest Amazon markets in Europe. The implementation of the strategy which followed on from Nethansa’s analysis has enabled the successful entry to five more European Amazon markets.

We currently handle around 350 requests per week. It includes enquiries regarding returns, refunds, as well as the seller or product reviews. In addition, we provide the continuity of sales and solve possible problems regarding logistics or temporarily unavailable goods.

Our execution of the above tasks has enabled Desportivo to fully focus on strategic activities. Due to their confidence in our expertise, they are assured that the objectives related to the smooth operation on Amazon are met by the Nethansa Team.

Current results of the cooperation:

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