How to sell sportswear on Amazon? Globalfit case study

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Resellers are often able to achieve an established position in their home market focusing on their own e-commerce. The next step in the development of ambitious companies is to enter and succeed in other European markets. Marketplaces seem to be the perfect platform for this. Seeking new business opportunities, Globalfit decided to partner with Nethansa to seamlessly start and manage selling sportswear on Amazon.

Customer profile

Globalfit is a sports and lifestyle products reseller that offers Adidas and Reebok brands. Its history dates back to 1991 when the first family-run stationary shop was opened in the centre of Warsaw. Currently, the company is one of major authorised resellers of Adidas and Reebok in Europe. It also has its own e-commerce shop, where customers from all over the world can make a purchase.


The Customer’s perspective

“We have been working with Nethansa for since 2019. They never stop to impress us with the professional handling of our account. Throughout the year, we can rely on the help of experts who monitor the parameters of the sales account and respond to our customers’ queries. They also resolve any disputes with Amazon if necessary.

However, a real change has been brought by the Nethansa Platform. This single platform allows us to set prices, manage orders and monitor sales performance for all the markets we operate in. This is extremely helpful with such a wide range of products that we offer.”

Katarzyna Bieńkowska, E-commerce Manager, Globalfit

sportswear on Amazon

How we overcame the challenges of overseas trade

❗Challenge 1: Highly competitive pricing

Sportswear on Amazon is one of the most popular categories regardless of the country. However, with the high demand comes huge competition. It means, that many merchants offer similar products. In such cases, the combination of experience in selling on Amazon with a system that automatically manages prices will allow you to remain competitive.

From the end customer’s perspective, there are three most important factors in choosing the particular offer. Among them is the price of the product, as well as the time and cost of its delivery. Thus, Amazon evaluates the competitiveness of its offerings in similar criteria.

💡 Solution 1: We provide competitiveness using the Nethansa Platform

Products in the most competitive categories require the most work to make them stand out from other listings. Fortunately, Globalfit decided to use the Nethansa Platform and its dynamic repricing features. Our AI-powered system enables the automatic management of prices and sales processes. As a result, there is no need to manually modify price settings for each available Amazon marketplace separately.

We have already mentioned that price is still the most important factor, creating a key advantage for one listing over another. Dynamic pricing in the Nethansa Platform adapts prices to the market situation nearly in a real-time manner while keeping an eye on the user-specified minimum markup.

sportswear on Amazon

❗ Challenge 2: Disablement of the most popular brands after getting on Amazon

Prior to the partnership, Globalfit had no sales activity on Amazon. A major challenge was the need to unlock most of the branded products in the shop. Unfortunately, this can be a hugely time-consuming activity. To complete it successfully, you need knowledge of the Amazon’s processes and a systematic approach to tick all of the boxes. For a novice seller, such an obstacle can be insurmountable.

💡 Solution 2: Ongoing process of unblocking brands

After successfully unlocking the biggest brands, our client started to record its first profits between the 2nd and 4th month of sales. The Globalfit case demonstrates the importance of the unblocking process. In order to carry it out successfully, it is necessary to diagnose the causes, contact Amazon and make the necessary corrections to the listing.

Currently, all Globalfit products are available for sale, but our team’s work doesn’t end there. We carry out constant monitoring of the listings so that we can react quickly enough to any new potential blockings imposed by Amazon.

sporstwear on Amazon

❗ Challenge 3: Seasonal increase in demand for customer service

Sportswear on Amazon is characterised by high seasonality. For this reason, a large increase in demand for quality customer service is observed several times a year. In this case these periods are spring and autumn, but also Black Friday and Christmas.

With each peak, there is a risk of a decreasing quality of customer service and increasing the number of problematic orders. If you want to achieve the best possible results on Amazon, you should be aware of this. This is because the marketplace has its own rating system for sellers and the aspects mentioned above will undermine this rating and result in poor sales performance.

💡 Solution 3: We provide excellent customer service

Nethansa’s team consists of more than 80 Amazon and e-commerce specialists. This is an outstanding resource allowing us to provide the highest standard of service during the busiest periods.

What is more, no blocking has been imposed on the account since the start of our cooperation. This proves how well Globalfit’s account is handled. On a monthly basis, we carry out around 1,000 interventions, i.e. customer communication and all interactions with Amazon representatives to ensure the account meets all of the requirements and listings are active at all times. During the hot sales periods this number can increase up to 2,500 per month!

Current results of the cooperation

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