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Sukces na Amazon - Your Fragrance

Your Fragrance, looking to access international markets, has decided to enter Amazon. Before partnering with Nethansa, the company sold its products solely on the Polish market. However, as the sales grew, they began to realise that the European markets offered a true potential. Learn more about the steps we had taken to achieve success on Amazon.

Customer profile

Your Fragrance is a brand that introduces its customers to the world of best-known perfumes and cosmetics. It has been operating since 2007 and selling both in-store and online across Europe. It offers brands such as Chanel, Hugo Boss and Guerlain.

The company has been active on Amazon since 2019. Currently, with Nethansa’s support, it has earned its place amongst the top 50 Polish companies on Amazon, with an annual turnover exceeding one million euros.

Customer perspective

“Imagine a perfect business partner, that seamlessly solves problems instead of creating them, performs all tasks immediately, has the extensive industry knowledge, is available at a short notice, and whose vocabulary does not include the word impossible. Meet Nethansa and their innovative Platform. We have been Partners since 2019 and hope for many more years of such successful cooperation!”

Maciej Matusiak, Your Fragrance

The challenges of entering European markets

Amazon rules and best practices are highly complex and regularly modified. To achieve success on Amazon and realise its full sales potential, Your Fragrance needed an experienced partner. The Nethansa Team knew exactly how to prepare the client to enter the biggest marketplace in the world.

It was necessary to implement an adapted tool to scale Your Fragrance’s sales across multiple markets simultaneously. This is why they decided to use the Nethansa Platform. It enables Your Fragrance to effectively manage their pricing, offers and orders. The dynamic pricing in the Nethansa Platform allows Your Fragrance to maximise margins and generate additional profits.

Our experts carried out a detailed analysis of the sales potential in selected European markets and filled Your Fragrance in on the rules of selling on Amazon. In addition, Nethansa’s Team selected a suitable logistics model and integrated the customer’s ERP system with the Platform and Amazon. Finally, they met all the requirements for selling on Amazon.

The quality and speed of customer service, provided by Nethansa in Amazon customers’ native languages impacted customer reviews and helped greatly with winning the Buy Box. Such a task requires considerable resources. Entrusting these responsibilities to Nethansa was crucial to the success of Your Fragrance.

With the utmost attention to Feedback Rating, Feedback Count and Customer Response Time, our team serves customers all year-round in a 24/7 model in the languages of the markets Your Fragrance sells in.

Our solution

By leveraging our human and technological resources, Nethansa has ensured that Your Fragrance has overcome the main obstacles to its growth quickly. The solutions implemented have enabled the company to rapidly grow and expand its offering with a presence in key EU markets. As Nethansa, we are delighted to see the success on Amazon of yet another one of our clients.

The success of Your Fragrance on Amazon includes:

≈ € 0

turnover generated during the partnership

+ € 0

additional profit generated due to the Nethansa Platform


number of active European markets where products are sold

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