Process automation: control orders, logistics and taxes

Managing a growing number of orders is both rewarding and challenging. Nethansa Platform will keep a detailed record of your sales and help with all the logistics of Amazon and Gain full control over your order processing.

Platforma Nethansy

Manage all your orders in one place

Order management on Amazon and has never been easier! Nethansa Platform keeps record of your sales, which helps you monitor orders and stock levels, manage all logistics processes, as well as meet legal and tax-related requirements.

The ability to filter orders according to selected criteria (including date, time interval, or a given courier) makes it easier to prepare goods for shipment and analyse orders that have already been completed.

Select couriers by country

Nethansa Platform allows you to integrate with the systems of major courier companies. Pick a default courier for a given country or select a different carrier for a particular order. Our platform helps you automate your logistics processes, generate the necessary shipping documents (labels and consignment notes), and track your shipments.

Sell with country-specific VAT

Different VAT rates in different markets can lead to considerable confusion – which you can avoid with Nethansa Platform.

By automating your order processing, you won’t have to worry about VAT rates for each individual order – everything’s done automatically to save you time.

Confirm the purchase of goods in the buyer’s language

Communication in the language spoken by customers is good practice, sometimes a legal requirement, but most importantly, the best way to ensure customer satisfaction and good feedback.

Nethansa Platform allows you to print a thank-you note for any purchase in 8 European languages (German, French, Spanish, Italian, English, Polish, Swedish and Dutch) – depending on the sales market.

Update order statuses in real time

Whenever a customer places an order, the stock level in the Nethansa Platform dashboard changes. Our tool is synchronised with both ERP (reservation and order status updates) and Amazon (automatically providing shipping ID number if the payment has been processed), and all changes are made in real time.

Conduct sales according to GDPR rules

Nethansa Platform meets all the requirements related to the current legal personal data protection regulations.

The data necessary for the fulfilment of an order and the subsequent editing is anonymised, i.e., transformed in a way that makes it impossible to link individual pieces of information to a specific or identifiable natural person.

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