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Your Fragrance

Nethansa provides Your Fragrance with comprehensive Amazon sales support. We started with setting up a seller account and implementing the system. Now we focus on ongoing optimisations aimed at sales increase. Gaining the leader category in one’s industry is important for generating high profits on Amazon. Following the recommendations of the Nethansa team, Your Fragrance shortened the delivery time of its products to the necessary minimum. Moreover, the Nethansa Platform calculated the prices of the offered products on an ongoing basis so that they were as competitive as possible in a given market. These two factors were crucial in winning the Buy Box and gave Your Fragrance outstanding results. In the course of one year, the company generated over 261 174 euro of income.

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Thanks to the Nethansa Platform our turnover has increased significantly. Nowadays, we can make a forecast of turnover and order products very easily ahead of time. We cannot imagine being on Amazon without it. It is a real selling machine.

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Imagine the ideal business partner. One that easily solves problems instead of creating them, performs all tasks immediately, has incredibly broad industry knowledge, is available at any time and for whom the word impossible does not exist. Yes. Meet Nethansa company with its innovative Nethansa Platform. We wish our successful cooperation will last for many more years to come!

The Nethansa team helped us see and reach our full sales potential, allowing for even bigger international expansion. Together, we have successfully entered five more European markets that generate a high turnover. Nethansa takes care of customer service and ensures customer satisfaction. Thus, our position in the eyes of Amazon algorithms is much higher. We are extremely pleased with the cooperation so far, and we hope to work on further development plans together. We’re well aware of the local competition and we know that thanks to Nethansa, we will achieve our business goals.

We wanted to enter Amazon with brand new products that – at the time – were still unavailable in this marketplace. The Nethansa team helped us open a seller account, create new listings, run campaigns related to brand awareness and choose the sales and logistics model. Thanks to this, we achieved extraordinary results within just a few months. Nethansa was the best choice! 

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