How to Increase Your Sales on Amazon and

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The e-commerce business is becoming increasingly competitive, especially for platforms like Amazon. It’s becoming more challenging to stand out as a seller as the competition grows. 

If you want to sell on Amazon or, the good news is that despite the competition, many sellers aren’t operating as efficiently as they may be. There are still a lot of stores with harmful listings, low-quality photos, ineffective promotions, and so forth.

The bad news is that your store may not perform to its full potential either. Moreover, if you are new to the Amazon ecosystem, you will likely have additional questions about increasing and optimizing your Amazon sales.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about how to sell on Amazon and make money, you’ve come to the right place. Read on as we discuss how to get sales on Amazon and and provide some helpful tips to develop a profit-boosting sales strategy for your e-commerce store.

Increase Sales on Amazon and

Boosting your sales on platforms like Amazon and will require you to make some minor changes, invest some time in researching keywords, and deploy the different brand tools these platforms offer. Below are some simple tips on how to boost sales on Amazon and

Optimize Listing for Sales

Getting visitors to click through to your listing takes a lot of effort. Additionally, it can seriously impact your sales if your clients notice poor copywriting and fundamental errors. Checking for simple problems in your listing copy– spelling issues, grammatical faults, unintelligible sentences, and so on– is the quickest and easiest way to enhance sales.

Avoid long text stretches and make your listing easy to read. Shoppers should be able to glance through your listing and decide whether they should purchase it. Moreover, don’t be scared to use bold fonts or CAPS to emphasize essential selling points. 

Most people believe that listing optimization is all about keywords, but it doesn’t matter where you rank in the search results if your listing isn’t optimized to convert viewers into buyers.

Mobile compatibility is another factor to consider when optimizing your listing. Amazon’s mobile app is top-rated. So you need to consider how your listing appears in the mobile version.

Ensure all that appears above the fold on the Amazon mobile app are your title and photos. This emphasizes the importance of showcasing your product’s value, features, benefits, and uses in the secondary images.

List Internationally

Putting your product on Amazon marketplaces, with a primary focus on thriving European and US markets,  can provide you rapid access to millions of buyers. Whether you’re a first-time foreign seller or a seasoned pro, Amazon Global Selling can help you expand your business. 

The platform has online storefronts in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, Australia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and India to help you increase Amazon sales.

Ensure Better Product Images

Photos are vital for converting impressions into revenue and drawing clicks from search results. They are significantly more impactful than the written content and are meant to capture buyers’ attention.

But images of poor quality also reflect poorly on your product. Users will be skeptical of products without photos that don’t fully depict your product’s features. Moreover, when unclear visuals lead a customer to believe they received a product that differs from what was advertised and consequently lead to negative reviews. 

Therefore, if you’re a brand owner and you’ve registered your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry, investing in professional help for your product photography may pay off in the long run.

Use Sponsored Product Campaigns

Being a brand owner who registers a brand with Amazon opens another growth avenue. Sponsored Products is an advertising solution that helps you promote your Amazon listings. You select the products you wish to promote, give keywords to them, and set a cost-per-click bid.

By investing in sponsored product campaigns, you can have your ad appear alongside the search results when an Amazon shopper searches for one of your keywords. When shoppers click on your ad, they are promptly transported to the details page where your offer is listed, resulting in more visibility and higher chances of making a sale.

Do Search Optimization 

Getting your products to appear near the top of a shopper’s search results might give you a significant advantage over the competition. Consequently, learning to improve your product listings Amazon SEO is critical to improving your Amazon sales.

Search optimization might seem overwhelming for newcomers to the Amazon ecosystem. Luckily, Amazon offers plenty of blogs and resources to help you learn. Start upgrading your product listings with relevant keywords and SEO features once you’ve spent some time studying Amazon search optimization. And if you’re notoriously lacking time, even without reading blogs, you can reach out to Nethansa! Our team of Amazon experts will walk you through the process.

Just note how effective the changes are before making any permanent modifications. That way, you can track the progress and success of your search optimization efforts.

Do Keyword Research 

Many merchants are grossly missing out when it comes to keywords. Even if you’ve researched and are ranking for hundreds of keywords, there can always be more keywords befitting your product and the ways people can search for it.

In addition to looking for as many versions of your keywords as possible, try to uncover other phrases and words that might be linked with your keywords. These “long-tail” keywords are beneficial because they attract only the most high-intent customer traffic despite their low search volume. 

When you uncover possible scopes your products can rank for, try adding them somewhere in your listing while still keeping your content sales-focused. Besides, you can also use keyword tools like ZonGuru, Jungle Scout, etc., to save time.

Use FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon)

Amazon FBA Export is a service that may help you expand your worldwide business with just a few clicks. Amazon picks, packs, and ships the product from your inventory when customers from other countries purchase your products. So users who opt for FBA can remove many conventional hurdles to international shipping. 

The essential benefit of selecting FBA is that the Amazon algorithm favors products listed in this model to win a Buy Box. 

Another reason FBA can help boost sales is that customers trust stores with the Amazon Prime badge. When someone sees Amazon Prime associated with your goods, it removes some of the uncertainty surrounding the purchase decision, making it easier for you to appear more trustworthy and consequently get more sales. And stats don’t lie-the conversion rate for Prime members is a jaw-dropping 74%!

Set the Right Price

With so much competition on Amazon, customers’ purchasing decisions heavily depend on pricing. Every customer wants the best deal, especially when comparing your goods to others in the same category. 

In this instance, an automated repricing tool could help you alter your pricing just enough to stay ahead of the competition. While it’s common to lose money by overpricing your items, you also don’t want to offer them for too little. As a result, pricing your goods might become a delicate balancing act between lower prices and higher sales volume when trying to boost sales.

Test repricing on Nethansa Platform – 14-day free trial.

Drive Customer Reviews

Getting positive customer reviews and having them available to future buyers is a tried-and-tested way to enhance brand trust and increase your Amazon sales.

While attempting to collect a large number of reviews gives potential clients a complete and accurate image of what you have to offer, you need a sound strategy to highlight the positive reviews. You can contact customers via email after the purchase or even send a note asking for a review of your product packaging. Besides, there’s always the option to invite your social media fans to leave reviews on your Amazon listings now and then.

Own the Buy Box

The Buy Box is probably the biggest difference-maker in terms of sales on Amazon. If you don’t own the Buy Box, you’re missing out on many of a product’s sales. 

The Buy Box is the section on the right side of a product listing with the big “Add to Cart” button. Whichever seller “owns” the Buy Box gets the orders from customers who click on this button. All other sellers of this product are listed below, under the “Other Sellers on Amazon” heading. 

Naturally, most customers would click on the Buy Box to make a purchase. That means, if you’re competing with other sellers on a listing, the number one thing you can do is to the Buy Box. It’s easier said than done, but there may be some things you can do to improve your chance of owning the Buy Box, such as;

  • Products in Stock: If you just have one product in stock and another seller has a large volume, you’re more likely to lose the Buy Box to your competitor.
  • Fulfillment Method: If you offer FBA products, you get a higher chance of getting your listing to the Buy Box.
  • Price and Consistency: Amazon wants to feature products with a lower price in the Buy Box (including shipping & handling fees). Again, significant price fluctuations may cause your product to lose its Buy Box.
  • Account Health: Your Account Health is determined by seller feedback, order defect rate, and other seller indicators. The better your Account Health, the more likely you will win the Buy Box.

Utilize Videos

Reaching clients through different mediums and not just other channels is crucial. For example, adding video material to your written content is a terrific strategy to boost Amazon sales. 

Using product videos properly can make your business stand out, develop a more personal relationship with clients, and improve sales. A few examples you can utilize are:

  • Product Promotion Videos
  • Production Videos
  • Customer Story Videos
  • Brand Storytelling Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Live Videos

Especially for selling online, detailed product videos make up for the lack of physical interaction between the product and the shopper before purchasing it. Therefore, videos can be an essential tool to bolster your sales strategy on Amazon.

Use Amazon Branding Tools

Amazon has some powerful tools to help you sell more on the platform. You’ll have to enroll in Brand Registry to qualify for these tools. 

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to add A+ Content (formerly Enhanced Brand Content) to your product listings. This is a superb power-up for your listings and a big differentiator between you and your competition.

Besides this, other brand tools by Amazon include Amazon Storefronts, Brand Dashboard, Amazon Attribution, Sponsored Brands, etc. If you don’t have a dedicated team or the resources to support your brand on Amazon on your own, these tools are here to enhance your brand’s visibility and recognition, leading to more sales.

Go For On-Amazon Promotions

If you want to boost your Amazon sales, promotion is one of the most effective and efficient ways to do so. 

You can run a few different types of promotions on Amazon, including Lightning Deals, 7-Day Deals, and Amazon Coupons. But some showcase bargains, such as Lightning Deals, are highly competitive and costly to run. However, it’s a terrific strategy to enhance sales velocity and build momentum for your product to rise in the rankings.

Promotions are thus a great technique to get more sales for your goods in a short time. Sometimes, your promotions’ momentum can still increase organic rankings and sales even after your deal ends.

Use Off-Amazon Promotions

While running Amazon promos is an evident approach to boosting sales, merchants frequently ignore the possibilities of promotions outside of Amazon. External promotions are effective because they allow you to reach a whole new audience and do something different than the competition on Amazon.

In this case, Facebook, Google Ads, and other social media sites may give you a largely untapped audience. Better yet, most Amazon sellers haven’t been able to perfect external traffic funnels. 

So you can have a considerable advantage over the competition if you can set up the proper funnels for your store. Even more than on-Amazon promotions, the extra sales you create from these campaigns are a proven technique to boost organic rankings.

Optimize Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

Organic search results are frequently pushed down in favor of paid results regarding Amazon product rankings. In fact, PPC is becoming one of the most popular methods for boosting total Amazon sales. 

While many merchants use PPC, how well you use it can put you ahead of the pack. You may improve your PPC campaigns by investing in more profitable search phrases and continuously tracking them. In today’s Amazon landscape, PPC campaigns can increase your visibility, clicks, and sales if you don’t mind the cost.

Manage Customer Engagement

If you’re selling on Amazon, the Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE) Program can help you communicate directly with your customers. MYCE aids in the development of long-term relationships with Amazon customers as well as the increased visibility of your products.

The Manage Your Customer Engagement platform currently supports new product announcements, product spotlight / featured products, seasonal gift guides, and incorporating promotional details of featured products, with more creative choices being added regularly. Moreover, MYCE is available to all registered brands with a following on their Amazon store.

What More Can You Do? 

If you’ve read this far, you now know how to increase Amazon sales. But many ways to increase your Amazon sales require investing time and resources into research and additional skills like copywriting, search engine optimization, and more. This may be an impediment, especially if you don’t have a dedicated team to support your store.

And that is where Nethansa comes in. Nethansa is an AI-driven platform that automates product pricing management on marketplaces, estimates turnover and profitability, controls product listings, and automates order processing and deliveries, eliminating the need to manage each component of your Amazon or store separately.

While Nethansa has mostly served Amazon sellers, the company is now expanding its services to include retailers on You can increase your revenue by using Nethansa to monitor competitors’ prices and automatically adjust your own. The platform also automates sales and related operations, allowing you to manage hundreds of offers from a single location. 

Furthermore, besides delivering customer service in eight languages, the newly enhanced platform now allows smaller businesses to use the AI tool without needing a professional customer service department.

So, from creating unique product listings to preparing effective ad campaigns, if you’re interested in giving the services a try yourself, get in touch with Nethansa now!

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