Sales automation and systems integrations

When creating Nethansa Platform, we wanted to make sure that it would be an intuitive, flexible and user-friendly tool. One that you wouldn’t have to adapt to, because it would adapt to you.

We use modern-day features allowing for sales and order automation that, in turn, save you time and make managing thousands of listings effortless.

Platforma Nethansy

Automatically list all your products

Fully synchronise your ERP with Nethansa Platform and marketplaces, as it allows you to automatically list your items in the European markets supported by our platform. Our tool can link thousands of your products to listings that already exist, on the basis of their EAN codes. 

Integrate easily with our Platform

You can integrate your ERP systems with special plugs:  Subiekt GT, Subiekt Nexo, Comarch Optima. But if you want to connect your e-commerce engine with our system, you can achieve it with Idosell. Our product is constantly expanded with new integrations to let you connect with Nethansa Platform efficiently.  

Connect supplier systems with Nethansa Platform 

Our Platform can be connected with the biggest logistics operators such as DHL, DPD, UPS or Eurohermes. Thanks to this, all orders data, like the status, can be found in one place. 

Manage the key elements of your listings

If you find the information you’ve imported lacking in any way, Nethansa Platform will point out what needs to be corrected. You can access the most important elements of a given listing in a dedicated user panel, and easily manage the listing’s key features: the price, quantity, and estimated delivery time.

Quickly update product information in selected markets

Thanks to Nethansa Platform, you can easily choose the markets you want to sell in. Perhaps you’re only interested in a particular one? Or want to introduce your products to all of them? Once you add your products, Nethansa Platform automatically links them to Amazon and Therefore, changes in stock levels and prices will be noted and records will be kept up to date in all selected markets without you having to re-list or update the items.

Carry out in-depth analyses with filtering and sorting

Nethansa Platform allows you to filter listings based on specific criteria. This way, you can quickly identify product groups, such as those with the lowest stock levels or highest minimum markups. You know what you’re looking for – Nethansa Platform helps you find it, quickly and efficiently even if you sell thousands of items!

Remove specific listings with just one click

If you have to urgently recall a product, Nethansa Platform makes it incredibly easy. One click is all it takes to stop selling a specific product – either temporarily or permanently.

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Nethansa platform app on a tablet device