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How to Find Best-Selling Products on Amazon

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Amazon is the world’s most popular e-commerce marketplace, and any registered company can start selling products on Amazon within a few minutes. This, however, poses a huge challenge for sellers–competition. Since everyone has access to the platform, you’ll have to stand out from millions of other sellers.

A new brand owner to the Amazon ecosystem has to worry about several factors, such as optimizing their product descriptions and listings for search engines, converting users into customers, marketing & promoting products on social media sites like Facebook, and so on. 

In the case of distributors, they most often do not have the power to edit the listing (as they are not registered to the Brand Registry). As such, it is crucial to meet the criteria taken into consideration for the Buy Box, i.e., to provide an appropriate sales and logistics model (FBA is preferred), to ensure attractive prices, fast delivery time, and buyer support – preferably response time not exceeding 24 hours. 

But before tackling any of these problems, you must first decide what to sell on Amazon. There are more than 300 million active shoppers on Amazon alone (the number continues surging upwards with each passing day). 

You can enjoy high profits if you know what sells best. This guide will help you choose what to sell on Amazon by breaking down the process and going through the most popular items on Amazon.

The Biggest Hurdle

For the overwhelming majority of small-to-mid-sized and eCommerce businesses, figuring out what to sell on Amazon is the hardest part of getting started. This is obvious because it can be challenging to visualize your business’s work if you’re not selling a physical product.

So how do you conquer this challenge? First, we want you to think about a few things.

Amazon is an outstanding platform for selling products and expanding your sales reach, even if you have your own website. 

This is because 89% of consumers trust Amazon more and buy from the platform even if an e-commerce site already sells the product. 

If you’re still confused about whether to sell on Amazon or an existing e-commerce site, Nethansa‘s sales potential analysis can help you. The analysis suggests markets and products with the highest sales potential. Moreover, the reseller can send their existing product feed, from which a sales report can be generated and analyzed by Nethansa’s in-house experts. 

If your products have been built and sold by other companies before now—and often with more success, that means many competitors on Amazon have already solved all of these problems for themselves over time. 

And if someone else has done something better than what you’ve come up with, you might want to consider trying what they did first. It’s better not to throw tons of money into something different just because it might sound interesting (or because someone told you so).

Make An Informed Decision

There are a lot of factors in selling on Amazon. You must pick the right products, decide how much of each you should make, and then figure out how to finance your business.

You can figure all of these things out with a bit of research. But before we dive into the details of how to sell on Amazon and what products are worth investing your time in, it is essential to understand some basic concepts about selling on Amazon.

The Right Product And Strategy

On paper, selling on Amazon might seem like a no-brainer. But without the right product and strategy, it can be just as difficult as selling anywhere else.

If you’re considering selling your products or services directly to consumers through Amazon and want to know what it takes to succeed, here are some things we’ve found helpful in our years of experience.


Understanding how much time and money competitors spend to stay competitive on the platform is essential. Ensure that you have prior knowledge of market trends before entering into such an established marketplace.

Understand Your Customer

You need to know who will buy from you and why they’ll buy from you over other online options. If they don’t buy from someone else’s store because they trust yours more than anyone else’s, then you can benefit from customer loyalty. 

Keep Tabs on the Total Price 

Your product might reach your customers on the website, but you need to ensure that your product is affordable. While storage costs may hike prices, fulfillment and promotions might reduce profit margins. Besides, if shipping costs are high, your customers may lose interest because of the higher total price. 

Selling Products On Amazon 

To start selling on Amazon, you first must register as a seller. To do so, you must create an account with Amazon and then apply for approval as a seller. Your business must meet the following criteria to qualify for this status:

  • Have a physical address 
  • Have a bank account connected to your business name
  • Be able to handle customer service requests both online and by phone

After being approved as an Amazon seller, you can list your products on the marketplace and sell them directly to customers worldwide!

Know The Process 

There are different ways you can sell your products on Amazon. The first is fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), but it’s not the only option. You could also use the self-service Amazon Marketplace or work with an independent vendor.

Moreover, advertising is essential. Advertising on Amazon means promoting your products through sponsored ads on search results pages, related product lists, and more.

Figure Out What To Sell On Amazon

You can start by looking at the Amazon top-sellers in your category. The best way to do this is by using the search bar on Amazon and typing in a keyword, like “water bottles.” Then, you can look through these results and see what other keywords might be relevant for you to rank for, or even just get some inspiration from those top-selling products.

Another way to figure out what sells well on Amazon is by looking at the top-selling products in other categories related to your product. For example, if you sell water bottles, it may be helpful for you to see what other beverage containers are selling well so that you know where else people are buying these items besides just water bottles.

If you’re a reseller, Nethansa’s sales potential analysis can move the needle for your business results. From the analysis, you will find out: 

  • What market will be the best for you to start
  • How much you can potentially earn on Amazon’s European marketplaces
  • How many products from your portfolio are available at a competitive price on Amazon’s marketplaces 
  • How many items do you need to purchase before you start selling
  • How much do you need to invest in it, and what kind of margin can you make on Amazon’s selected European marketplaces.

This document will help you avoid unpleasant surprises related to a shortage of goods or listing products on marketplaces with no potential.

Amazon Market Sales Potential Sales Forecast for 30 days Products with Best and Only rankings % share of products with Best and Only rankings Costs Forecast
DE 5 627 426 euro 1 524 313,96 euro 397 51,16% 509 655,58 euro
ES 19 782 euro 6 803,02 euro 341 43,94% 1 577,54 euro
FR 172 810 euro 66 818,44 euro 326 42,01% 15 618,13 euro
IT 1 450 euro 921,25 euro 332 42,78% 44,35 euro
NL 12 894 euro 4 673,41 euro 62 7,99% 1 056,75 euro
PL 0 euro –   euro 47 6,06% –   euro
SE 53 euro 28,47 euro 131 16,88% 11,56 euro
UK 0 euro –   euro 397 51,16% –   euro
Summary 5 834 414 euro 1 603 558,55 euro     527 963,90 euro

Source: Part of the Amazon Sales Analysis by Nethansa for one of our clients.

Scan Ideal European Marketplaces 

Before selling your product on Amazon, analyze your market to find the Amazon best sellers. For starters, inspect the top Amazon markets in Europe. 

Eight European Amazon marketplaces currently cater to 500 million people, exceeding the 330 million in the USA. 

As a result, Europe can be considered to be the critical target for Amazon sellers all over the world. This is more applicable for European Sellers, who can utilize the large customer base. 

Besides, you can easily access other European marketplaces with one seller account in any European country. Nevertheless, VAT certificates and EORI numbers for each country are essential. 

Germany is the most prominent Amazon marketplace, with a market of 83 million people. So this should be your go-to European market for surveys and research. With an 86% e-commerce revenue share, it is easily the best European marketplace for aspiring Amazon sellers. 

The UK, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Poland are the key marketplaces with great sales potential that you can serve. 

Contact us and make the most of our sales potential analysis 

Sell Easily With Nethansa

If you want to find the best-selling products on Amazon, Nethansa has got your back. Nethansa is a platform that maximizes profits and an expert team that supports, advises, serves buyers 24/7, and monitors sales account parameters.

When a user creates an account, they upload their products, and the Nethansa Platform analyses them and then shows them, for example, in a ranking such as best, poor, or only. 

You can also see the top-selling items in each category and even filter out only those products with free shipping. Additionally, you can also search by keyword or brand name to get instant results regardless of where your customers are in the world. 

Top Sold Items On Amazon 

According to its experience with customers and extensive data, Nethansa shows that the top sold items on Amazon have stayed consistent over time. These include:

  • Home and Kitchen: The Home and Kitchen product category tops the list of Amazon best sellers. As a result, it is an excellent category for newcomers to get used to selling on the platform. 
  • Health and Beauty: Evolving beauty trends and extensive skincare routines are taking over consumers’ lives. As a result, the Health and Beauty product category is seeing rising sales every year.
  • Electronics and Photos: As technology advances rapidly, it is no surprise to have electronics on this list. With Amazon being a trusted marketplace, the convenience of getting new smartphones, laptops, speakers, headphones, etc., makes this category popular.
  • Children’s Products: Kids have all sorts of needs. Infants need diapers, clothes, and food items, while older kids need storybooks and school supplies. Parents tend to turn to Amazon for rescue to save time, which is why this product category is placed high on the list.
  • Toys and Games: Children and pets need toys and games all the time, which is why this product category charts high on the bestseller list.

Contact us and make the most of our sales potential analysis   

Demand For Home and Kitchen Products

It shouldn’t be surprising that the Home & Kitchen items are the most sold products on Amazon. We all use some home or kitchen product in our everyday lives, making it easy for new sellers to enter this market without developing an entirely new product from scratch.

Easier Entry

New sellers don’t have to list their products unless they sell hazardous items like knives or flammable liquids/gasses in this category. As a result, this category is more accessible to enter than others. 

Moreover, you have fewer hoops to jump through when trying to start selling on Amazon and less time spent dealing with compliance issues related solely to your products (like food safety regulations).

More Intuitive Product Ideas

Everyone uses kitchen or household items in their home (think spatulas, utensils, pillows). However, many individuals don’t understand other categories like Industrial/Scientific or Computers unless they work in a related field (or at least know someone who does).

Fewer complications

Supplement merchants must adhere to Amazon’s and federal laws, food must have an expiration date, and toy sellers are restricted during the fourth quarter, among other things. There are fewer of these regulations in Home & Kitchen.

Easy to manufacture

Finding a supplier to make a kitchen product is relatively simple compared to many other things. It would be best if you also remembered that products’ sizes matter a lot – the best approach is to select products with dimensions that fit into standard courier parcels.


To summarize, Amazon is a great place for merchants to start selling. But if you want to make the most of it, you’ll need to research  where you should invest your time and energy. Nethansa can help with this process by giving you a sales potential analysis to know what products are worth your attention. More importantly, it can also show you how to price those items competitively and profitably!

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